The 2012 Heavyweight UK Championships was a UK Championship held in Queensferry from the 21st-22nd of October and was won by Big Nipper. The event was the first national championship to be held by Robots Live.

Robots CompetingEdit

22 robots signed up for the 2012 championships.

The following robots signed up for this event:


The 2012 Championship had 8 seeds, based on where they or their predecessors came in the 2011 UK Championship.

  1. Ripper
  2. Air
  3. Iron-Awe 5
  4. Thor
  5. Kronic
  6. Big Nipper
  7. Maelstrom
  8. Toxic 2


There were 6 heats of 3 robots each, which fought in a 3-way melee and 2 heats of 2 robots each, which fight one on one, making for a total of 8 heats. Every heat had one seed.

Heat AEdit

Competing Robots: Toxic 2, Beast, & Kan-Opener H-spec

Winners: Toxic 2

Heat BEdit

Competing Robots: Ripper & Bulldog Breed

Winners: Ripper

Heat CEdit

Competing Robots: Iron-Awe 5, Tiberius 4, Toon Raider

Winners: Iron-Awe 5

Heat DEdit

Competing Robots: Big Nipper, Behemoth, & Iron-Awe 6

Winners: Big Nipper

Heat EEdit

Competing Robots: Air & Dantomkia

Winners: Air

Heat FEdit

Competing Robots: Maelstrom, Eruption, & Kan-Opener G-spec

Winners: Maelstrom

Heat GEdit

Competing Robots: Thor, Titan, & Meggamouse

Winners: Titan

Heat HEdit

Competing Robots: Kronic, Turbulence, & The Saint

Winners: Kronic



  • Toxic 2 vs Ripper
  • Iron-Awe 5 vs Big Nipper
  • Air vs Maelstrom
  • Titan vs Kronic


  • Toxic 2 vs Big Nipper
  • Maelstrom vs Kronic

3rd-Place Play-offEdit

  • Toxic 2 vs Kronic

3rd-Place Winner: Toxic 2


  • Big Nipper vs Maelstrom

2012 UK Champion : Big Nipper

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