This was the fourth heat of the 2014 Heavyweight Championship. This features TV show competitor Behemoth. This heat goes back to the formula of having two robots fighting however this is the first heat to feature a house robot, this being Goliath from the Robots Live! live events.


Behemoth Evo VIII
Toon raider 1


The BattleEdit


Toon Raider flips Behemoth

The battle starts with both robots moving sluggishly towards each other until Toon Raider flips Behemoth. Toon Raider pushes Behemoth, who is unable to self-right, over to the arena side wall and tries to flip Behemoth out with no success. Behemoth self-rights and gets way from Toon Raider. Behemoth does a charge and flips Toon Raider over shoving it against the arena side wall. Toon Raider fails to self-right the first time but manages to the second but only to be attacked by Behemoth who constantly flip Toon Raider around. Every time Toon Raider Self-rights after a attack from Behemoth, it is simply flipped over again. Toon Raider gets a flip on Behemoth who just rolls over on its wheels again. The circle each other for a while before Behemoth flips Toon Raider who just self-rights. Toon Raider gets vengeance and flips Behemoth. Toon Raider starts preventing Behemoth from moving away or self-righting. Behemoth eventually gets away who just flips Toon Raider again. Behemoth pins Toon Raider against the arena wall and leaves it there in hope that Toon Raider would be eliminated however Goliath (and even Behemoth)  move Toon Raider away from the wall which allowed it to move freely. Toon Raider flips Behemoth and leaves it to self-right. Toon Raider begins taking revenge on behemoth and starts to attack it, however Behemoth proves too mighty and begins to flip it over a couple of times and shunts Toon Raider into the arena corner. At the end both robot were mobile so it had to go to a decision.  

Winner: Behemoth

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The 2014 UK HW Championships - Heat D

The 2014 UK HW Championships - Heat D

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