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The Semi-finals of the 2014 Heavyweight Championship. The remaining winning robots from the Quarter-finals battle it out to get to the Grand Final. In both battles there isn't a house robot involved.


Battle one[]

Competitors:Eruption vs Big Nipper

Big Nipper's claw is trapped on the arena wall

Big Nipper attempts to get hold of Eruption but ends up getting on top of Eruption's flipper which lead to Eruption flipping Big Nipper. Big Nipper plays cat and mouse with Eruption which results in Eruption flipping big Nipper againsty the arena side wall. Big Nipper finally gets hold of Eruption and tries to topple it which fails. Big Nipper runs away from Eruption and ends up in the arena corner where Eruption flips Big Nipper into the arena wall. A hapless Big Nipper has its claw trapped on the arena wall which meant luck was on Eruption's side. Unfortunetaly for Big Nipper as soon as its claw becomes untangled Eruption chucks Big Nipper out of the arena.

Winner: Eruption

Watch here:


The 2014 UK HW Championships - Semi-Final 1 Eruption vs Big Nipper

Battle Two    []

Competitors: Manta vs Beast

For the first few seconds Beast and Manta just feel each other out. Manta drives on top of Beast and flips it self over before Beast has a chance.Manta's fatal mistake got the better of it as Beast chucked Manta out of the arena. The battle only lasted 30 seconds.

Winner: Beast

Watch here:


The 2014 UK HW Championships - Semi-Final 2 Manta vs Beast

3rd/4th place playoff[]

Competitors:Manta vs Behemoth (Big Nipper pulled out)

Before the battle began Big Nipper pulled out for reasons unknown. Immedatly Behemoth charges at Manta and goes over Manta in a comedic action. Manta flips Behemoth who lands back down on the arena however a second flip chucks Behemoth out.

Winner: Manta

Watch here:


2014 UK Championship 3RD 4TH PLACE PLAY OFF Manta vs Behemoth

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