The 2014 UK Heavyweight Championships was a event that happened in September of 2014 and was hosted by Robots Live! . This would be the forth time in the Live event's history a robot has succeeded in defending it's title of champion while also being the first time since the Live events begun that a robot has managed to defend the title two years in a row.

Competitors Edit


  1. Eruption
  2. Manta
  3. Iron-Awe 5
  4. Beast
  5. TR2
  6. Behemoth
  7. Toxic 2
  8. Kronic

The HeatsEdit

Heat AEdit

Competitors: Eruption vs Cherub

Winner: Eruption

Heat BEdit

Competitors: Storm 2 vs Kronic

Winner: Kronic

Heat CEdit

Competitors: Iron-Awe 5 vs Big Nipper vs Titan

Winner: Big Nipper

Heat DEdit

Competitors: Behemoth vs Toon Raider

Winner: Behemoth

Heat EEdit

Competitors: TX-108 vs Manta vs Leveller 2

Winner: Manta

Heat FEdit

Competitors: Toxic 2 vs Gabriel

Winner: Toxic 2

Heat GEdit

Competitors: The Saint vs Beast

Winner: Beast

Heat HEdit

Competitors: Iron-Awe 7 vs TR2

Winner: TR2


Quarter-Finals oneEdit

Competitors: Eruption vs Kronic

Winner: Eruption

Quarter-Finals twoEdit

Competitors: Big Nipper vs Behemoth 

Winner: Big Nipper

Quarter-Finals threeEdit

Competitors: Manta vs Toxic 2

Winner: Manta

Quarter-Finals fourEdit

Competitors: TR2 vs Beast

Winner: Beast


Semi-Finals oneEdit

Competitiors: Eruption vs Big Nipper

Winners: Eruption

Semi-Finals twoEdit

Competitors: Manta vs Beast

Winner: Beast

Grand FinalEdit

Competitors: Beast vs Eruption

The battle begun with Eruption and Beast colliding together. Beast turns away with Eruption close by but none of the robots are able to get underneath eachother to flip the other out. Eventually Eruption gets Beast from the side and swiftly flips Beast out of the area. This is currently the shortest Grand final battle on record with a total of 0:11 seconds.   




The 2014 UK HW Championships - Grand Final Eruption vs Beast

The 2014 UK HW Championships - Grand Final Eruption vs Beast

The 2014 Heavyweight Championship
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