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Banana Overdrive
Banana Overdrive.png
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Riptide
Team Members Matt smith
Robot Statistics
Weight 4.8kg
Weapons A banana

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Banana Overdrive is a comedic featherweight robot built by team Riptide. Because of being a inflatable fruit. Banana Overdrive was riddled with problems, just as its predecessor/alter ego had, but it has one key strength that Overdrive did not have - a banana. It captured the hearts of both roboteers and audiences alike. Well, until it is deflated that is... Some claim Banana is just Overdrive with a inflatable banana strapped on but we know the truth. Banana is what happens when a banana and a robot love each other very much and decide to have some private time. Whose sick mind made this?

Live events[]

World Featherweight Championships 2015[]

The Banana made it's first appearance in 2015. It's first battle was against Richie and Twisted Sister. As soon as the battle began the Banana didn't know where to go and was constantly bashing its head against the wall. While Richie lifted Twisted Sister and attempted to place in the pit, Banana watched on doing nothing. Banana Overdrive started its assault on Richie by scratching it and tapping it slightly. Richie just flipped the Banana over and it seemed that was it for now...

A second battle involving the Banana. This time it was against Rabid M8 and Little Nipper. Well this went roughly how you'd expect. Two machines with big spiky claws, one robot with a piece of inflatable fruit in place of a weapon. Little Nipper grabbed hold first and crushed the machine but no damage. Banana then went in and nudged Rabid M8 who was being

Banana in the pits.

attacked by Little Nipper. Banana decided to use its ultimate weapon, the inflatable banana. It spun round hoping to get a few bashes against the other machines, however by doing this the banana on top of Banana Overdrive started to deflate. Banana continued to smack the other two with the deflated banana on top though it was not hugely effective. The other two robots started to gang up on the poor Banana and both started to crush it. The inflatable had now completely pop. Rabid M8 and Little Nipper tries to push the Banana in but Banana scutters away in the nick of time resulting in Rabid M8 being pitted instead. The inflatable banana starts to get tangled in the wheels stopping movement. Banana managed to survive the entire round but still lost to Little Nipper.

The team have said Banana may never return and was just a one hit wonder, however because of its popularity it may return in a one off battle, currently its unknown.

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