Battle Axe
Participation Information
Team Information
Robot Statistics
Weight 120kg
Power 2 x 12v Batteries
Weapons Pneumatic Jaws and 20 Kg Hammer

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Battle Axe is a house robot used for featherweight battles in some Robots Live! events. It debuted at Robots Live! Burgess Hill 2008 and has appeared many times since, commonly grabbing robots in its pincers before hammering them or, if they are immobile, dumping them in the pit. BattleAxe has a pair of steel claws with 500kg of force and also carries a heavy pneumatic steel hammer.

The hammer is capable of delivering major damage to the featherweights it manages to hit, though it sometimes struggles to accurately grab or hammer the small machines. Battle Axe has also shown vulnerability to flippers which can easily get underneath and lift it, preventing it from moving or attacking.


Battleaxe in museum of fame robots

Battle Axe in a museum of famous movie/TV show robots

Battle Axe was the first house robot made by the Robots Live event organisers. It made its debut in 2008 at Burgess Hill and used for featherweight battles, being the second house robot made specifically to do so in the UK (the first being Gripper from Roaming Robots live events). 


  • Battle Axe is based off of Dead Metal from the TV series, especially the first wars version minus the blade.

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