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Bigger Brother
Bigger Brother in 2013
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Big Brother
Team Members Ian Watts
Robot Statistics
Weight 98kg
Dimensions 0.34m x 0.77m x 0.94m
Top Speed 12mph
Power 2x 750w electric motors
Weapons Full-Pressure Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Bigger Brother is a veteran robot. It is famously well controlled and is armed with a pneumatic flipper. Despite the age of the robot, it is still owned by its original builder Ian Watts. It fights occassionally in whiteboards.

European Heavyweight ChampionshipsEdit

Bigger Brother fought in at least two battles. One was against Tsunami and Edge Hog. In this battle, Bigger Brother overturned Tsunami a couple of times before attempting the same with Edge Hog, unsuccessfully. Finally, Bigger Brother shoved Tusnami towards the pit, reversing and driving in to try to push it closer and closer. However, as Bigger Brother reversed, Tsunami escaped, leaving Bigger Brother to drive forwards and nearly overbalance. Edge Hog then came in and gave the final push to pit Bigger Brother.

Bigger Brother's second battle was against Kan-Opener and Grim Reaper. As the three came together for the first time, Grim Reaper missed a flip as Kan-Opener grabbed hold of Bigger Brother. Grim Reaper attempted to flip the two, but was unable to overturn the pair. It continued to try to flip the two. Eventually, it and Bigger Brother flipped at the same time, throwing Kan-Opener into the air. It landed on Kan-Opener, which was overturned. In an attempt to escape Bigger Brother, the yellow robot reversed directly over the pit. Grim Reaper was flipped up a couple of times, stacking it against the wall. After a while, Grim Reaper flipped itself free, but was overturned once more, before being pushed to the pit, where it self-righted in.


  •  Robot Wars - UK Series 4 - 3rd in Tag Team Championships (with Plunderbird 4) (2000)
  •  Robot Wars - USA Nickelodeon - 3rd in International Tag-Team Terror with Kat 3 (2001)
  • 2001 UK (Robot Wars) Heavyweight Championship Runner's Up
  •  Robot Wars - UK Series 6 Semi-finalist (2002)
  •  Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Minor Meltdown Champion (2002)
  •  Robot Rumble 2006 Semi-Finalist
  •  Robots Live! - Exeter 2007 Winner
  •  Robots Live! - 3rd in Team Championships 2010 with Team Saints & Sinners

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