Black Hole
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Kaputo
Team Members Jorg Marschall

Marcus Marschall Manfred Rachner

Other Entries Luzifer
Robot Statistics
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.78m x 0.70m x 0.36m
Power Electric motors
Weapons duel blades

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Black Hole was a robot with four-wheel drive and a lifting wedge at the front which spanned the entire width of the robot. It was related to the competitor that won the German Series of Robot Wars, but was in fact a brand new robot. An upgraded and rebuilt version was later made and named Lucifer. The robot was invertible.

European Heavyweight Championships 2003Edit

Black Hole is known to have fought in at least two battles during the championship. One of these was against 

Dantomkia and Tough As Nails. Black Hole accelerated quickly, knocking into Dantomkia and continuing into the


Black Hole stacked against the wall.

wall. Tough As Nails drove into Dantomkia and shoved it to the wall and into Black 

Hole. After all robots had reversed away from eachother, Dantomkia went on the atack and overturned Black Hole. This attack caused Dantomkia to appear to lose power for a moment, but soon came back to life and, as Tough As Nails tried to grab hold of Black Hole, Dantomkia came in and flipped TAN. This allowed Black Hole to go on a charge, but this had little effect. Dantomkia then came in and stacked Black Hole against the wall where it flexed its lifter but couldn't get down. Dantomkia then flicked TAN over, but the crusher came back on the attack, grabbing hold of Dantomkia. The latter was soon let go, and tried to drive around the pit in a bid to escape. This strategy backfired, however, as Dantomkia accidentally steered down it.

Black Hole's second known battle was against Reaper NP2 and Ansgar. Black Hole pushed Reaper and found itself in a pushing match with Ansgar. The three robots continued to push eachother around until Black Hole became immobile, possibly wedged against the arena wall. It soon became unstuck, and all three continued to push eachother about, with Ansgar especially aiming for the pit. There was no obvious winner, and a Judges' Decision was made. It is unknown who the winner was.

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