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Robot Statistics
Weight 1000kg
Power 24v 55 Ah
Weapons A blade and a crushing claw

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

 Goliath is a heavyweight house robot from the Robots Live! events. Equiped with his crushing claw, able of lifting all Heavyweight robots up in the air and giving them a tour of the arena. Paired with his 2ft custom saw blade, setting sparks fly. Goliath first made an appereance in 2013 and is the fifth house robot created for the live events and the second Robots Live! (third if you count Sgt Bash).


Goliath watching a battle between Beast and Tiberius in March 2013

It was first introduced in 2013, before it was brought in to action, there were promotional videos released for example a introduction vido showing off Goliath's power against a washing machine was released by the Robots Live! YouTube account. It's first appereance was in the Winter Tour however it did little combat. Goliath was also seen in the 2014 UK Heavyweight Championships where once again it was never involved. When Goliath is in combat it never seems to use its blade, possibly for safty reasons.


  • Goliath is the most original house robot as it is the only one not based off of one from Robot Wars.

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