Grim Reaper
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Grim Reaper
Team Members Simon Smith, Gary Smith & Charlie Smith
Robot Statistics
Weight 99kg
Top Speed 12mph
Power 2 x 24v Electric motors, one powering each wheel.
Weapons Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Grim Reaper is is a wedge-shaped robot equipped with a flipper. Whilst the wheels protruded through the top of the robot, the robot was not fully invertible, as the raised-up flipper stopped both wheels from reaching the ground.

Robot HistoryEdit

The original Grim reaper was three-wheeled and armed with a pneumatic spike. It was extremely different to the modern robot. It competed in the 1999 UK (Robot Wars) Heavyweight Championship, and fell in the heats to Big Brother. Another robot was built to compete in the same championship the following year. It looked more like the modern Grim Reaper, being a similar width and height and wedge-shaped. It was, however, armed with an axe. This robot unfortunately failed to qualify. However, it did compete at occasional live events.

A more modern version was built for the championships in 2002. This was fitted with a pneumatic flipper which unfortunately broke a day or two before the qualifiers, and so the team pulled out. The robot was used again the next year, and this time succeeded in qualifying. In fact, it reached the heat final, losing to Big Nipper. This version competed more commonly at live events. It was eventually retired around 2005. It's shell was sold on, and is undergoing reconstruction. It will compete again under the name Reaper, and is used for static display at live events. The Grim Reaper's original builders have made a new version (thus the new name for the old model), which is more wedge-shaped. This sometimes competes at events, normally once a year.

2003 European Heavyweight ChampionshipEdit

The Grim Reaper entered the championship and had one battle against Kan-Opener and Bigger Brother. Kan-Opener grabbed onto Bigger Brother early on, and Grim Reaper attempted to flip the two. Eventually, Grim Reaper and Bigger Brother activitated their flippers at precisely the same time, causing Kan-Opener to be flipped into the air, landing on Grim Reaper. It then reversed as Bigger Brother came on the attack, and became stranded over the pit it had driven itself to. Bigger Brother fougt aggressively, flipping Grim Reaper a couple of times and stacking it against the wall. Grim Reaper flipped itself free, but was overturned and pushed into the pit, and defeated.


  • Robot Wars - UK Series 7 Semi-Finalist (2003)

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