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[[Category:Robots with crushing weapons]]
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[[Category:Featherweight House Robot]]
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Participation Information
Years Active 2005-2011
Team Information
Robot Statistics
Weight 150Kg
Dimensions Height: 50cm Length: 102cm Width: 80cm
Top Speed 20mph
Weapons Crushing jaw

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Gripper was first built in 2005 by John Findlay from Roaming Robots. It was built as their event's house robot for the featherweight class. Gripper was designed to resemble Robot Wars House robot Growler as it had the look to match and also the crushing jaws for grabbing featherweights, picking them up and dumping them in the pit. In 2011, after having acquired Matilda to be the house robot for featherweight battles, John Findlay decided to sell Gripper and it was sold to Michael Sandford of Team ENGIMA who is trying to get it up and running again.


  • Gripper is based of Growler from Robot Wars.


  • Footage or photos of Gripper in action is rare to find.
  • Growler was originally going to be called Pitbull.
  • It was the smallest house robot.

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