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Hammerhead 2 was a Dutch robot and the predeccessor of Hammerhead 3. It, too, was armed with a flipper, though not a full-body one. Instead, the robot has a flipper set out from the robot's body to look someone tail-like. The body itself was the shape of a frontally-stretched pentagon

painted blue, with eyes, gills and a toothy grin painted over the deep blue paint. The robot was supposed to look shark-like. It was two-wheel drive. Despite being invertible, the robot had large side protrusions to help stop it from being overturned. These also made the robot impossible to side-strand.

Robot History[]

Hammerhead 2 was the successor of Hammerhead which competed in the 2001 Dutch (Robot Wars) Heavyweight Championship and reached the second round. The robot was then retired and Hammerhead 2 was built.

This new robot competed in the same championship the following year and fell at the same point. Also fought in 2003 in that national championship and, once again, fell in the second round.

Hammerhead 2 also fought in live events occassionaly, with only some success. It was retired in either 2004, 2005 or 2006. In 2006, Hammerhead 3, Hammerhead 2's successor, began to compete.

2003 European Heavyweight Championships[]

Hammerhead 2 fought in two battles during the championship. One was against Dantomkia and RCC2. The fight was short. RCC2 was very easily rolled right over with a single flip, then shoved down the pit. Hammerhead didn't last much longer. It was flipped ontop of RCC2 but escaped by self-righting. However, the flipper jammed open after a missed flip, and Dantomkia overturned it, stranding and immobilising the Dutch robot. The second battle was rather more long-winded. It was against Junkyard Queen and Reaper NP2. Junkyard Queen failed to move throughout the entire match, and was simply pushed aside by the other two. Of the remaining two, Reaper NP2 was faster, with Hammerhead struggling to flip it, and also the mroe aggressive, but certainly the less controlled as it bounced off the walls. A judges' decision was made, with the victor unclear.

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