Ka-Pow! in 2007

Ka-Pow! was a yellow wedge shaped robot that fought in Roaming Robots, in the 2006 and 2007 UK Championships and the 2006 Winter Tour. It was armed with a full pressure flipper capable of flipping robots out of the arena. Ka-Pow! came from the team that also entered Onslaught into Robot Wars and occasional Roaming Robots events prior.

2006 UK ChampionshipsEdit

Ka-Pow! was placed up against Sewer Snake, Kan-Opener and Kronic in the first round. It initially looked promising for Ka-Pow! as it waited for Kronic to get Sewer Snake stuck on the arena wall, where it was then able to swoop in and flip the latter out of the arena. After Kronic then disposed of Kan-Opener, only Ka-Pow! and Kronic remained. However, Kronic used its flipper to greater effect, and defeated Ka-Pow! fairly swiftly, putting Ka-Pow! out of the competition and Kronic through to the finals.

2006 Winter TourEdit

Ka-Pow! only fought in one qualifying battle up against the eventual winners of the Winter Tour Behemoth. Whilst it was able to occasionally get a flip in, Behemoth proved too strong for Ka-Pow! as it was constantly able to catch it side-on and flip it over with ease. However, Ka-Pow! did survive to a judges' decision, but it still lost to Behemoth. At the end of the qualifying rounds, Ka-Pow! hadn't made up enough points and subsequently didn't progress to the finals.

2007 UK ChampionshipsEdit

Ka-Pow! was placed in Heat A of the Championships, and was first placed up against the much fancied Tough As Nails. This battle went well for Ka-Pow! as it was able to avoid the Dutch robot's crushing arms and instead flip it around the arena. Ka-Pow! was soon able to flip Tough As Nails right down the pit for the win, which put it in good stead for its next battle up against the number 1 seeds Turbulence. This battle was over even quicker, as Turbulence only needed one flip to get in underneath Ka-Pow! and toss it straight out of the arena. At the end of the battles, since all three robots had won one battle each (as Tough As Nails had already defeated Turbulence), it was decided that they would all fight in a 3-way melee to decide who would progress to the Finals, however, Ka-Pow! was unable to participate, meaning Tough As Nails and Turbulence had a head-to-head battle, resulting in the reigning champions Turbulence winning the battle and the heat. This marks Ka-Pow!'s latest appearance in the Championships to date.

Wins/Losses RecordEdit

Wins: 1

Losses: 3

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