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King B
King B Powerworks pic.jpg
Participation Information
Team Information
Team King Buxton
Team Members Simon Harrison & Grant Hornsby
Robot Statistics
Weight 97kg
Dimensions 0.28m x 1.01m x 0.78m
Top Speed 14mph
Power 2 x 1500W electric motors
Weapons Lifting spikes and cutting disc

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

King B Powerworks was originally built in 1998 by Simon Harrison from Hampshire, it was originally called King Buxton where it entered Robot Wars Series 2. It competed in more series of Robot Wars where it was renamed King B3 for Series 3 and 4 before being named to King B Powerworks due to the voltage it was running on which was the maximum amount the Robot Wars rules allowed. King B Powerworks enjoyed a fair amount of success in Robot Wars reaching the semi-finals in the Second wars and winning the Tag-Team Terror at the end of Series 4 with 101. King B Powerworks is well known for being a very fast robot armed with a very vicious pair of spikes and rear cutter.

Robot Wars[]

Live Events[]

King B made an appearance at the London MCM Expo in 2007 where it fought Merlin. It also fought Tiberius and required Sam Smith to jump on King B to remove King B from the claw after it got stuck on the claw when Tiberius pierced the polycarb and a motor. It returned in 2015 after a seven year hiatus at the Dublin Event in January where it fought Beast and Ripper.


(As King Buxton)

  • Robot Wars - UK Series 2 Semi-Finalist (1998)

(As King B3)

  • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, 4th in Pinball Tournament (2000)
  • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Tag Team Terror special Champions with 101 (2000)

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