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Participation Information
Years Active 2011-Present
Team Information
Team RCC
Team Members Leo van Miert, Rick Mass, Mario de Jongh and Babeth van Son
Robot Statistics
Weight 100kg
Dimensions 0.24m x 1.63m x 1.17m
Top Speed 14mph
Power Electric motor
Weapons Crushing claw and lifting forks

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Mantis is a competitor robot that fought in the 2011 UK Championships hosted by Roaming Robots. It previously fought in Series 7 of Robot Wars, losing in the heats to Kat 3, but has since been rebuilt, redesigned, and was sold to Team RCC. Mantis is a black robot armed with three front lifting arms activating simaltaneously and a crushing arm, more potent than that of its Robot Wars appearance. Mantis fell in the heats of the 2011 Championship, and hasn't fought in a major competition since.

Robot Wars[]

Mantis reached the second round of the main competition in Series 7 and also won the Crusher Crunch Up special event.

2011 UK Championships[]

Mantis fought in Heat E of the Championship, fighting up against Wilhelm's Scream, White Knight and the 5th seeds Meggamouse. In the battle, as Meggamouse and White Knight fought each other, Mantis ran into Wilhelm's Scream, but then retreated to take on White Knight, using the crusher to grab onto its flipper, but it was unable to cause any damage. White Knight then struggled free and was flipped away by Meggamouse, but before Mantis coul;d launch another attack, both Meggamouse and White Knight turned to Mantis, flipping it across the arena. White Knight then flipped Mantis into the arena corner, where it was unable to self-right, leaving it stranded and immobilised, shortly before White Knight also became immobilised. At the end of the bout, Meggamouse was declared the winner.

Wins/Losses Record[]

Wins: 0

Losses: 1


Robot Wars - UK Series 7 Winner of Crusher Crunch-Up Special (2003)

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