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Participation Information
Team Information
Team Mouse
Team Members Trevor Wright, Pat Wright and Ernie Wright
Robot Statistics
Weight 100Kg
Weapons Flipping arm

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Meggamouse was a wedge-shaped robot armed with a pneumatic flipper. it was the fourth robot built by Team Mouse after the two version of Velocirippa and Mighty Mouse; it was built in 2008 - as improved robot over Mighty Mouse - using parts from previous robots. Basically it has the same shaped but a bigger wheels and a flipper. It later competed in the 2017 Series of Robot Wars.

2008 Winter Tour Championships[]

Meggamouse's first battle was against Ripper Evo. It was an easy battle for Ripper Evo who beat Meggamouse because it suffered mechanical problems.

Meggamouse returned in Madistone which hosted the finals of the Winter Tour; Meggamouse was out of the Finals of the Winter Tour but it was drawn for three white board annihilators. Meggamouse won the first but lost the other two

2009 UK Championship[]

In Barnsley, Meggamouse was drawn again Storm Force, an old and unreliable robot. Meggamouse won easily by flipping Storm all over in the arena. Then it took part in an annihilator but it lost. In Cardiff, Meggamouse had only one fight but it was a destructive one as it fought against Terrorhurtz who shredded Meggamouse to shreds. In Swindon, Meggamouse had two seperate fights between Tiberius & And His Army but lost both. Then it took on St.Hammer and Big Nipper who knocked Meggamouse out of the competition.

2010 UK Championship[]

In Withwick, Meggamouse was drawn against Hydra. It was an unexpectedand easy battle as Hydra didn't work and fell victim to the mouse. Then in Burgess Hill Meggamouse faced Stinger and Pressure. After a very exiting battle, Meggamouse won and qualified for the Finals.

In Portsmouth Meggamouse was drawn against Iron Awe 6 and after a frantic battle Meggamouse, was declared winner.

In Maidstone, Meggamouse was drawn against Iron-Awe 5 and lost straight away. It was then drawn in a losers' melee against Ripper Evo and Tilly Evo but Meggamouse and Tilly's weapons didn't work so Ripper won easily.

Win/Loss Record[]

Wins: 5

Losses: 9


  • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Finalist
  • Robots Live! - Team Championships 2010 Runners-Up with Team Barbie
  • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2010 Quarter-Finalist
  • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2011 Finalist
  • Robots Live! - Team Champions 2011 with Team Barbie
  • Robots Live! - 3rd in Team Championships 2012 with Team Barbie
  • Robots: Extreme Wars Live! - Winter Tour 2012 Semi-Finalist
  • Fighting Robots European Championships 2013 Semi-Finalist

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