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Participation Information
Team Information
Team Members Adam Emmett
Daniel Emmett
Peter Emmett
Jeremy Hancox
Robot Statistics
Weight 96kg
Dimensions 0.26m x 0.96m x 0.67m
Power 4HP electric motor
Weapons Front-hinged flipper and rear lifter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Mute was a silver-wedge-shaped robot that competed in the Roaming Robots events. It was built for Robot Wars where it finished 2nd in the New Blood Tournament and also reached its semi-final in Robot Wars Series 7. Its weapons were 2 flippers, the front was a forward-hinge-one similar to that of Firestorm and Cassius, the rear was like a lifter. In Roaming Robots it has managed to make the 2004 UK Championships finals where it was beaten by Terrorhurtz. Mute had been retired until 2012, where it came back to fight in the 2012 Team Championships with the Saints N' Sinners.

2004 UK Championships (Winter Tour)[]

Mute participated in the first Winter Tour UK Championship outside of Robot Wars TM. It managed to win its qualifier matches to gain points through to the finals at Doncaster. In round 1, it beat Dantomkia who got thrown around the arena until it landed on the wall and was flipped out from there. Next it took on Big Nipper in the quarter-finals where it lost on a judges decision but it managed to win the loser's melee after both Storm 2 & Ripper died. In the semi-finals, Mute took on Big Nipper again, this time Mute was the more dominant, it got more flips on Big Nipper and even gave it a piggy back at one point. Mute won the judges decision where it met the lethal axe of Terrorhurtz. Here Mute's front flipper failed to work and Mute spent a cagey affair with Terrorhurtz. It took a few glancing blows from Terrorhurtz, and did manage to get its rear flipper into contact, but it never affected Terrorhurtz and Terrorhurtz eventually hit Mute's removable link which left it a sitting duck and finished 2nd. Mute was also due to come back the next year as the 2nd seed but had to pull out.

Win/Loss Record[]

Wins: 4

Losses: 2


  • 2nd in Robot Rumble 2002 (Debenham)
  • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - 2nd in New Blood
  • Robot Crusade 2003 Winners
  • Campion School Challenge 2003 Winner
  • Robot Wars Series 7 Semi-Finalist
  • 3rd in Steel City Showdown 2003
  • Aberystwyth 2004 Champions
  • 2nd in UK Championships 2004
  • Team Champions 2012 (Saints N' Sinners)
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