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Noisy Cricket was a black, wedge shaped robot with a thorny arm that could come down to damage other robots that journeyed too near. It was originally called Scrap Dog when it was built by Team Terrafonics, the team behind TX-109 and Tanto. It fought in the 2013 championships where it lost in heat D to Ripper and TillyEwe 3

2013 UK Championships[]

The fight began when Noisy Cricket, Ripper, and TillyEwe 3 met in the middle. Noisy Cricket first tried to spike TillyEwe, but the latter wasn't on the wedge and was flipped away by Ripper. Noisy Cricket retreated and came back to constrain Ripper while TillyEwe flipped Ripper over. However, once Ripper self righted, TillyEwe turned on Noisy Cricket and flipped it over. Once Ripper flung TillyEwe out of the arena, it flipped the immobilised Noisy Cricket to the side wall and waited for the judges to count the Noisy Cricket out.

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