Oll-E the paintball bot
Olly the paint
as he appeared in 2015






Two paintball guns


Speed and mobilty


Paint-balls do little damage and they can run out.

 'Oll-E' is a house robot first introduced in 2015. It has paintball guns attached on it's "eyes" in which it would shoot the feather-weight robots with.


The main weapon is the two paintball guns attached on the eyes of the robot. The paint-balls are meant to ether paint a robot for fun or to render a robot immobile by the force of the paintball hitting the robot. Sadly the paint-balls are not very powerful and rarely damage or immobilize robots. It also take a high level of accuracy to hit the robots which can be difficult as the robots could easily runaway or avoid each shot.

Robot Wars live eventsEdit


Olly in battle

Olly first appeared in the Newport 2015 live event. He went up against Feather-weights and was made to "paint" the robots. He lost an eye and most of the audience and fans didn't take much note of him that was until Portsmouth 2015 where he was able to speak and was given a popularity boost. 


  • He is the first house robot to speak
  • He is the first house robot and robot overall to aquire a projectile weapon. 
  • He is currently the weakest house robot.
  • His name is making fun of the movie "Wall E"

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