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Orrion was a heavyweight robot owned by Team Orr. It was bought as Iron Awe 4, a rebuilt version of Iron Awe 2, from Team Iron Awe. It had an axe and a flipper, with the flipper set off to the left of the robot. It took part in the Robots Live Reading event in 2009, as well as the 2009 UK championships. It has not competed since.

2009 UK Championships[]

Orrion went up against Beast and Ripper Evo in its only battle during Heat 7 of this championship. Its opponents both attacked the newcomer right from the start, with both robots sliding under but neither flipping. Then, Ripper Evo tossed Orrion over, but roled it back onto its wheels. Ripper then flipped the former Iron Awe 4 against the arena wall, disabling half of the robot's drive. Orrion was flipped a second time against the wall, this time by Beast. Finally, Roaming Robots' resident heavyweight shoved Orrion up against the arena wall where it couldn't turn or move, immobolising it. As a result, Orrion lost its only fight and was therefore knocked out of the competition.

Wins/Losses Record[]

Wins: 0

Losses: 2

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