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Participation Information
Team Information
Team Snakepit
Team Members Dave Wood, Ciaran Wood and Euan Wood
Robot Statistics
Weight 100kg
Top Speed 20mph
Power 2 x Bosch GPA Motors
Weapons Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Rattler was originally built as Disturbed by Team Hydra for the 2011 UK Heavyweight Championships , it lost the group stages of that event but continued fighting in some more of the events that year. In 2012, Disturbed was sold to Team Snakepit who renamed it to Rattler who re-modified it to look like a snakes head with bright flashing red eyes.

Robot History []

2011 UK Championship[]


Disturbed at the time fought in the 2011 UK Heavyweight Championships and hasen't fought in a championship since. In the Championship, Toon Raider and Beast  fought one another while Scorpion hammered away at Disturbed.  Disturbed tries to flip Scorpion but misses and instead is flipped by Beast. Disturbed was unable to self right and to add salt to the wound, Scorpion peppered the bottom of Disturbed.

Live events[]

In 2012 Disturbed became Rattler and had competed in live events, however never competiting in events such as a Winter tour or UK Championships. It has fought in Tag team before with Behemoth and Ripper as its partners in the final, it became champions after desposing of Cherub and Storm Force, however the team did struggle with Maelstrom . However its tag team partner(s) has changed over time from Beast to Puck to Iron-Awe 5, but the tag team success has never died out over time.

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