Revolution 3

Revolution 3

Revolution 3 is a low box shaped robot armed with a small 8-toothed flywheel weapon at the front. The robot was a heavyweight-class robot. It originally fought in Robot Wars, in the Seventh Wars, where the robot reached the second round of the heat, before losing to Ceros. The team had also fought before with Revolution 2, which also fought in Robot Wars, the Sixth Wars and the second series of Extreme. Revolution 3 was also entered in the Roaming Robots competition, in the 2004 Winter Tour the following year, but has since been retired from combat altogether.

2004 UK Championships (Winter Tour)Edit

Revolution 3, relatively unchanged since its appearance on Robot Wars, was due to enter the 2004 Winter Tour competition. It was seeded third for the competition, due to previous success in live events, so it had high expectations. However, Revolution 3 did not participate in any of the four qualifying rounds that were held for the competition, and subsequently didn't qualify for the Finals, eliminating it from the competition.

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