In February 2013, Roaming Robots purchased the Robot Wars brand name from Robot Wars LLC, and renamed themselves to Robot Wars. The company decided to hold the first official Robot Wars Championship since 2003. The event (Official Robot Wars series 8, as it was sometimes known as) was held at Newport, from the 21st to 22nd of July, and was won by Eruption, much like the FRA's 2013 Heavyweight UK Championship that would be held two months later.

Robots CompetingEdit

19 robots signed up for this event:


There were 5 heats of 3 and one heat of 4 (C), making for a total of 6 heats and 19 robots. the 6 heat winners automatically go to the finals, while the remaining losers fight in two 6-way loser melees. The loser melee winners join the 6 heat winners, to make 8 finalists

Heat AEdit

Competing Robots: Eruption, Beast, & Meggamouse

Winners: Eruption

Heat BEdit

Competing Robots: Ripper, Iron-Awe 7, & Tanto

Winners: Ripper

Heat CEdit

Competing Robots: Iron-Awe 5, Titan, Dantomkia, & Noisy Cricket

Winners: Iron-Awe 5

Heat DEdit

Competing Robots: Manta, Terminal Ferocity, & Cherub

Winners: Cherub

Heat EEdit

Competing Robots: TR2, Toon Raider, & Saint

Winners: Saint

Heat FEdit

Competing Robots: Thor, Raging Morg, & Behemoth (Note: Behemoth couldn't arrive in time)

Winners: Thor

Losers MeleesEdit

  • Titan, Meggamouse, Dantomkia, Noisy Cricket, TR2, Beast
  • Manta, Raging Morg, Behemoth, Toon Raider, Iron-Awe 7, Tanto



  • Thor vs Eruption
  • Ripper vs TR2
  • Iron-Awe 5 vs Saint
  • Behemoth vs Cherub


  • Eruption vs Iron-Awe 5
  • Ripper vs Behemoth

3rd-Place Play-offEdit

  • Ripper vs Iron-Awe 5

3rd Place Winner: Iron-Awe 5

Grand FinalEdit

  • Eruption vs Behemoth

2013 Robot Wars Champion: Eruption

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