The Robot Wars 2013 Winter Tour is the first winter tour since Roaming Robots bought the Robot Wars brand in February 2013. It also introduced secondary heats, which are a loser's competition to give primary heat losers a second chance to qualify for the finals. The event was won by Manta.

Competing RobotsEdit

18 robots competed in the main competition, as well as several that competed in whiteboard battles.

Primary HeatsEdit

The primary heats took place in Maidstone on October 6th. Robots that couldn't make the arena or were eliminated in the heats had another chance in the secondary heats in Doncaster. Those that won the primary heats fought in a small final with no significance to the main competition within the show as well as proceed to the finals in Gloucester.

Primary Heat AEdit

  • Ripper vs Meggamouse vs Maelstrom

Primary Heat BEdit

  • Eruption vs The Saint vs Dantomkia

Primary Heat CEdit

  • Manta vs TR2 vs Dystopia

Primary Heat DEdit

  • Behemoth vs Cherub vs Titan vs Toon Raider vs Rattler


  • The Saint vs Ripper
  • Titan vs TR2

Grand FinalEdit

  • Titan vs Ripper

Secondary HeatsEdit

The secondary heats took place in Doncaster on October 27th. The winners of the secondary heats go to the finals in Gloucester and also fight in an independent competition to determine the show winners.

Secondary Heat AEdit

  • Manta vs Maelstrom vs Ka-Pow! vs Behemoth

Secondary Heat BEdit

  • Beast vs Meggamouse vs Thor (Note: Thor couldn't arrive in time)

Secondary Heat CEdit

  • Dystopia vs Dantomkia vs Tanto

Secondary Heat DEdit

  • Eruption vs Cherub vs Toon Raider vs Rattler


  • Manta vs Dantomkia
  • Eruption vs Beast

Grand FinalEdit

  • Manta vs Beast


The finals took place in Gloucester on November 10th.


  • Manta vs TR2
  • Ripper vs Eruption
  • The Saint vs Dantomkia
  • Titan vs Beast


  • Beast vs Manta
  • Ripper vs The Saint

Grand FinalEdit

  • Ripper vs Manta

Robot Wars 2013 Winter Tour Champion: Manta

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