ROBOTS EXTEME WARS GAME!=== Over the years the roaming robots website had a game page which consisted of 4 games, well 3 games that worked and one game that wasent made called "battle in the arena" No one had any idea what stage the game was before it became inactive. Until the late 2011 early 2012 the game started to be remade.

The game did have some problems at its very first release due to the scripts and the size that the arena was made for the game was unrealisitc so the game had to be completely redone once again.

The idea of the game was for the audience to play as some of the robots they see in the arena in an event and control them and fight with other robots or objects in the arena. The game did have some idea changes as it progressed it was going to be a downloadable game with regular updates but then it seems to of changed into a web based game which had problems from the very start becuase the files didnt like being edited for images on the web page but the problem has been fixed.

Robots that have been made:

Ripper TON (tough as nails)

Thor Cabranikn



At the moment it has only been HW's in the game but as the game continues to be made so will other weight classes also the ant weight arena will be made for the game when the HW and the FW have been made

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