Small Cheese
Small cheese
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Thudercheese
Team Members Joseph Prophet
Robot Statistics
Weight 13kg
Weapons Wedge and rear spike

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

 Small Cheese is a yellow wedge shaped featherweight robot that has been competing since 2013. The robot is invertable so flippers aren't much use against it however its wheels are exposed and can be easily damaged in battle which could easily immobilize it.

Live EventsEdit

Before Small Cheese's creation, The Big Cheese was also sold to Joseph Prophet through eBay for only £50. Prophet has since rebuilt The Big Cheese, and has formed Team ThunderCheese. Prophet then built Small Cheese and sent it into battle where as The Big Cheese is only on static display.Small Cheese has been quite a nippy robot, able to avoid others and succeed in not taking any damage however Small Cheese has no real weapon and usually loses in one on one battles. 

Having said this' it did reach the final of the featherwight event in Gloucester 2013


  • The Small Cheese's design is similar to a middleweight robot Hard Cheese.

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