Speed Wave
Participation Information
Team Information
Team Panoramic
Team Members Harry DT
Robot Statistics
Weight 5.7kg
Power 2 x Gimson GR01 Motors
Weapons Electric Liftter

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Speed Wave is a blue wedge shaped featherweight robot that has been competing since May 2014. The robot has an electric lifter but due to weapon speed and design of the robot it has proven to lack self righting ability.

In August 2015, Harry sold the body of Speed Wave via an eBay auction to fund a new featherweight and other projects. The body was sold to Cameron Bruce but has not been seen or heard about it being brought back into fighting form of since the sales.

As of September 2015 Harry competes in featherweights with a four-wheel-drive pusher called "Ultra Buzz" which was later renamed "Razzmatazz" and then restyled into "AtmosFear" in June 2016.

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