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[[Category:Robots built after Robot Wars]]
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Participation Information
Team Information
Team Spike
Team Members Edwin De Hoon and Victor De Hoon
Robot Statistics
Weight 100kg
Power 2 x Electric motors running on 750 watts
Weapons Axe

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Spike was a box shaped robot with a double sided axe as its weapon.The team entered the German Robot Wars with Tyke.

Live EventsEdit

Spike is a Dutch heavyweight robot that was built in Vlaardingen by Edwin De Hoon who entered the German Robot Wars with Tyke which finished fourth after losing to Tsunami in the finals. Spike is armoured in very strong aircraft-grade Titanium, it also has a very powerful axe with steel spikes which is where the robot got its name from. Spike hasn't really enjoyed a lot of success in main competitions but did reach the Annihilator final in 2006 where it finished as runner-up to Dantomkia .


  • 2006 Annihilator runners-up 

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