Taurus was a heavyweight competitor robot that fought in the Roaming Robots circuit. The robot was a large wedge-shaped robot, armed with a front-hinged flipper. The robot originally competed in Robot Wars Series 7, and fought under the name UFO, named after the team's previous robot that fought in Robot Wars. After Robot Wars, the robot was sold onto Team BlazerBotics, who renamed the robot Taurus, rebuilt the robot internally, and gave it a new paint-job, which is seen in the image to the right. Taurus fought in the 2005 Winter Tour of Roaming Robots, before reverting back to the robot's original name (UFO).

2005 UK Championships (Winter Tour)Edit

Taurus fought in one of the only two battles that took place in the first qualifying round of the competition. It fought in a head to head battle with the current (at the time) Annihilator champions Kan-Opener. Taurus pulled off a surprise victory in this battle, as it made the most of Kan-Opener's ground clearance, without sustaining any serious damage. In the second qualifying round of the competition, Taurus was placed up against the new and improved Pressure machine. Taurus once again pulled off a surprise victory in this battle, as it cunningly avoided the flipper of Pressure well, throughout the battle, whilst also managing to flip around the former New-Blood heat finalists on numerous occasions. Despite not even competing in the final two qualifying rounds for the competition, Taurus had still racked up enough points to go through to the Finals in Folkestone. In the first round of the Finals, Taurus was placed up against another robot from Team BlazerBotics, Merlin. In this battle, Taurus was largely out-classed, as Merlin proved much more agile and quicker than Taurus across the arena floor. The flipper of Merlin also proved more powerful, which allowed Merlin to easily get in underneath Taurus many times. Eventually, Merlin managed to flip Taurus clean out of the arena, eliminating the latter from the competition, after such an impressive early display in the competition.

Taurus as UFO in Robot wars

Win/Loss RecordEdit

Wins: 2

Losses: 1

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