Team Bud is a team that competes in the live robotic events all over the UK including Roaming Robots, It consists of Shane Swan who entered Robot Wars Extreme 2 and Series 7 with Team S-Tec who now fights with a machine called Envy, Jason Marston who fought in Robot Wars with Thor which is newly improved for today and Scottish Roboteer Liam Bryant with robots Storm Force, Pug & Puglet. The team was brought together after Swan & Marston met at the filming of Robot Wars Extreme 2 where from then on they had different teams but have had a good friendship ever since, Liam Bryant joined the team in 2009 to get better robot building assistance after the bad success he had with his original team. The team also purchased a disassembled Mortis and are in the process of getting it back and running again for demonstration purposes, not forgetting a clone of Mortis called Rigamortis with a 4-bar linkage system for the lifter like Storm 2 which are both looking to be completed by sometime in 2010.

Robots Edit

Robot Weight Class Status
Envy Heavyweight Retired
Storm Force Heavyweight Active
Thor Heavyweight Active
([Kan opener h-spec]]

-g spec

Heavyweight Active
Pug Featherweight Active
Puglet Antweight Active

 Team Bud have currently 7 robots, they have Envy which resembles Firestorm from Robot Wars TM with a forward-hinge flipper that has the capability of throwing an 100kg robot out of the arena, a newly improved version of Thor from Robot Wars TM, Storm Force which was seen on Robot Wars Series 5, Pug which was built as a Zeobot kit and Puglet which is an Antweight version of Pug.

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