Team Hydra (formerly known as Team Cylon) are a team based in London that fight in the Roaming Robots events around the UK, and are the first robot combat team to have a gorilla (nicknamed Grug) as a member.

They are well known by other roboteers and Robot Wars fans for ruining a number of robots.

History Edit

The team first got involved in robot combat through featherweights. Cylon, BOOM! & Testbot were the first robots they had ever actually built, with Cylon being the reason for the team's first name.

In 2008, they got involved in heavyweight combat with the acquisition of Hydra from its former owner Dennis Leadbetter, and changed their team name to reflect it. Hydra performed poorly under their management, and mysteriously vanished two years later.

After Hydra was disposed of, the team bought Dantomkia Mk. 4. After cutting off the front cones because Grug thought they were ice cream cones, they were crudely put back on as hinged attachments. These changes, as well as filling the robot with PVA glue in the hopes it would protect the innards, were detrimental to its performance.

One of the versions of Wheely Big Cheese was also purchased during DTK's time with the team. However, after numerous (2) attempts to fix it and Grug trying to eat it, the project was given up on and WBC was shoved in a shed to never see the light of day again.

In 2014, DTK was sold to Jon Bell of Scorpion fame. The deal didn't initially go through until Grug threatened to kidnap a woman and stand on some scaffolding while banging his chest. With no Italian plumbers to prevent this threat, Jon also sold his newest robot at the time, Titan, to Team Hydra.

Under its new ownership, Titan was repainted to a dark green colour, and any parts that worked were gutted in exchange for parts from Hydra and DTK. Again, the robot has performed rather poorly under their command, their main tactics with it being to run repeatedly in a straight line and hoping it hits something.

Robots Edit

Robot Weight Class Status
Dantomkia Mk.4 Heavyweight Sold back
Hydra Heavyweight Parts doner
Disturbed Heavyweight Parts doner
Wheely Big Cheese Heavyweight Somewhere
Titan Heavyweight Barely active
Cylon Featherweight Active
BOOM! Featherweight Retired
Testbot Featherweight Retired

Trivia Edit

  • The team is often feared not for their capabilities as roboteers, but rather because their ability to fuck shit up.
  • Brendan Fraser once called upon their services so they could fuck his shit up.
  • DTK used to work
  • WBC used to work
  • Hydra used to exist
  • The team are near-distant relatives to semi-famous YouTuber and eating contest champion Bob "Moviebob" Chipman.
  • They still don't know why you would shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane
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