The 2004 UK Winter Tour Championships was a big event hosted by Roaming Robots in 2004 which had 4 venues as qualifier shows and 1 venue for the finals, it also played a part in being the first ever UK Championships for robots after the dissapearance of Robot Wars. The Tour happened hit places all over the UK including Newport, Edinburgh, Worcester and Kings Lynn for the qualifiers and Doncaster for the finals. Throughout the qualifier shows, the robots all fought it out in a league system with the highest point scorers going through to the finals. It also happened between when the old hexagonal arena was retiring and when the current arena debuted at Aberystwyth a few months later so RR had to borrow Robodome's arena for the tour. Terrorhurtz won the Heavyweight Tournament and Blue won the Featherweight Tournament

Competing RobotsEdit

These are the robots that signed up for the event


There was 6 seeds for the tournament which were judged on performance from previous Roaming Robots events.

  1. Ewe 2
  2. Mute
  3. Revolution 3
  4. Big Nipper
  5. Kan-Opener
  6. Thor

The Qualifier ShowsEdit

There were 4 qualifier rounds that happened all over the UK including Wales, Southern England and even Scotland. Battles in the qualifiers shown are only as remembered and the winners names are in bold

Round 1 : Newport Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Kan-Opener
  • Mute Vs Thor Vs Storm 2
  • Ewe 2 Vs Behemoth Vs Revolution 3 Vs St. Agro
  • Ripper Vs Kronic
  • Big Nipper Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Kronic Vs Kan-Opener Vs Taurus
  • Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Merlin
  • Big Nipper Vs Taurus Vs Kronic
  • Dantomkia Vs Ripper
  • Chompalot Vs Storm 2
  • Chompalot Vs Mighty Mouse
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Big Nipper Vs Air Vs Revolution 3

Round 2 : Edinburgh Edit

  • Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Dantomkia Vs Big Nipper
  • Dantomkia Vs Mute Vs Storm 2
  • Ewe 2 Vs Ripper Vs Merlin
  • Thor Vs Revolution 3 Vs Mighty Mouse
  • Dantomkia Vs Chompalot Vs Storm 2 Vs Big Nipper
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Mute Vs Kan-Opener
  • Ripper Vs Mighty Mouse Vs Mute
  • Kan-Opener Vs Storm 2 Vs Merlin
  • Dantomkia Vs Thor
  • Ewe 2 Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Chompalot Vs Velocirippa

Round 3 : Worcester Edit

  • Kronic Vs Dantomkia Vs Judge Shred 4
  • Mute Vs Thor Vs Dantomkia
  • Kronic Vs Ewe 2 Vs Scrap Dragon Vs Chompalot
  • Big Nipper Vs Ripper Vs Iron-Awe 2
  • Ripper Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Bulldog Breed Vs Merlin
  • Storm 2 Vs Mighty Mouse

Round 4 : Kings Lynn Edit

This event was also given a Halloween theme as it was on the same weekend as Halloween

  • Chompalot Vs Grim Reaper Vs Weird Alice Vs Gravity
  • Kan-Opener Vs Toxic 2 Vs Pressure Vs Big Nipper
  • Dantomkia Vs Reptirron the Second Vs Terrorhurtz Vs Iron-Awe 2
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Weird Alice 2 Vs Ewe 2
  • Ripper Vs Pressure Vs Toxic 2
  • Kan-Opener Vs Reptirron the Second Vs Ripper
  • Merlin Vs Scorpion Vs Ewe 2 Vs Mighty Mouse
  • Ripper Vs Pressure Vs Toxic 2 Vs Velocirippa
  • Kronic Vs Thor Vs Toxic 2
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Hades Vs Gravity
  • Taurus Vs Velocirippa Vs Iron-Awe 2
  • Kronic Vs Ewe 2 Vs Chompalot
  • Terrorhurtz Vs Kronic

The Finals : Doncaster Edit

Main Article : The 2004 UK Winter Tour Championships: Finals

10 robots made it through to the finals held at the Doncaster Dome. They all fought it out in a competition where a champion soon became found

Round 1 Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Chompalot
  • Ripper Vs Kronic
  • Dantomkia Vs Mute
  • Big Nipper Vs Ewe 2
  • Storm 2 Vs Velocirippa

Loser's Melee 1 Edit

  • Chompalot Vs Kronic Vs Dantomkia Vs Ewe 2 Vs Velocirippa

Quarter-Finals Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Ripper
  • Mute Vs Big Nipper
  • Ewe 2 Vs Storm 2

Loser's Melee 2 Edit

  • Ripper Vs Mute Vs Storm 2

Semi-Finals Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Ewe 2
  • Big Nipper Vs Mute

3rd-Place Play-Off Edit

  • Ewe 2 Vs Big Nipper

3rd-Place Winners : Big Nipper

Grand-Final Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Mute
2004 UK Winter Tour Champion : Terrorhurtz

Terrorhurtz, 2004 UK Champion

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