The 2005 UK Winter Tour Championships: Round 4 - Birmingham was the fourth qualifier show for the UK Championships 2005 hosted by Roaming Robots also doubled as the Winter Tour. It gave robots a chance to earn points for a place in the finals at Folkestone at the end of the year.


The following 10 competitors took part in the qualifier battles of the show.

Image Name
Big Nipper (Seeded 2nd)
Ewe 2 (Seeded 3rd)
Kronic (Seeded 6th)
Ripper (Seeded 5th)

Storm 2 (Seeded 4th)

Terminal Ferocity
Terrorhurtz (Seeded 1st)


Pressure Vs Storm 2 (4)Edit

As both robots come into the centre Storm 2 pushes Pressure into a corner. After geting away Pressure flips Storm 2 over. After some clever driving by both teams Pressure flips over Storm 2. Storm 2 then slams Pressure into the pit release button. After both teams try to avoid the pit Storm 2 then knocks Pressure against a corner and immobilises them.

Winner: Storm 2

Ripper (5) Vs Kronic (6)Edit

Ripper's Co2 gas supply ran out so they had no weapon or srimech. This meant that Kronic dominated the fight before fliping Ripper out of the arena.

Winner: Kronic

Behemoth Vs Terrorhurtz (1)Edit

After a clash of both weapons with Terrorhurtz using the axe and Behemoth tring to get to the side and flip it over. After a few failed atemps Behemoth flips Terrorhurtz into the coner. After self righting Terrorhurtz then gets it axe suct in the wall and can not get out.

Winner: Behemoth

Ewe 2 (3) Vs ChompalotEdit

Both robots try to get underneath each other to use their weapons. After some good driving by both teams Chompalot crushes Ewe 2 drags him to the pit release button and then to the pit. Winner: Chompalot

Big Nipper (2) Vs Terminal FerocityEdit

Terminal Ferocity starts by avoiding Big Nipper's jaws. Big Nipper then turns Terminal Ferocity over. Terminal Ferocity is then fliped back over by the floor fliper. Terminal Ferocity is then turned over and pit by Big Nipper.

Winner: Big Nipper

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