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Heat A of the 2006 UK Championships was the first heat of the 2006 UK Championships held from the 23rd-27th August at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering, It was the first heat to determine which would be the first machine through to the finals later on in the week. The 4 competing robots fought out in battles in a league system to try and earn points to go through. The battles of the heat took part on the 23rd August 2006.


The following four competitors were those who fought in the heat.

Weight: 99kg
Dimensions: 34cm x 60cm x 85cm
Power: 2 x 750w Bosch Motors
Weapons: Flipper

Strengths: Armour

Weaknesses: Unprotected Wheels

Team Members: Geert Kevaerts, Jan Huyan & Frank Van Rist

From: Kampenhout, Belgium

Weight: 99kg
Dimensions: 25cm x 96cm x 83cm
Power: 2 x Bosch 750s
Weapons: FP Flipper
Strengths: Invertable & Srimech
Weaknesses: Weak armour

Team Members: Alan Young

From: Whitwick, Leicestershire

Terrorhurtz (Seeded 2nd)
Weight: 99kg
Dimensions: 80cm x 140cm x 130cm
Power: 2 x 34v Bosch Motors
Weapons: Axe

Strengths: Powerful Weapon

Weaknesses: Limited Gas Supply

Team Members: John Reid & Nick Lynch

From: Oxford

Velocirippa PRW.gif
Weight: 100kg
Dimensions: 80cm x 60cm x 100cm
Power: 2 x 750w Bosch Motors
Weapons: Front Flipper
Strengths: Always Rolls back on its wheels
Weaknesses: Exposed Wheels

Team Members: Trevor Wright

From: Clifton, Nottingham


Hard Vs Terrorhurtz (2)[]

Terrorhurtz and Hard battling it out

Terrorhurtz started the battle off by giving Hard a few blows with its axe before hitting what seemed to be one of Hards gas pipes causing a cloud of CO2 to fly. With no gas, Hard was defenceless and was chased a lot by the 2nd seed who continued to chase and batter the Belgian robot. Hard made a move to hit the pit release button, it tried to lure Terrorhurtz into the pit, but it was no use. Eventually, Terrorhurtz finished the battle by putting Hard down the pit.

Winner: Terrorhurtz

Knightmare Vs Velocirippa[]

Knightmare got the first flip on Velocirippa turing itself over in the process but self-righted and Velocirippa rolled back on its wheels in the attack. Velocirippa kept missing flips on Knightmare though it did get under it momenterilly but missed the oppertunity. Velocirippa again got under this time turning Knightmare over, but Knightmare recovered. Knightmare then thrusted Velocirippa onto its back, reversed towards the arena wall and flipped it over the fence and out.

Winner: Knightmare

Terrorhurtz (2) Vs Knightmare[]

Terrorhurtz came in and battered the front of Knightmare who found it difficult to get its flipper into any use on the axe-wielding robot. Terrorhurtz continued to batter the top of Knightmare causing some aluminium panels to come off, eventually Knightmare stopped moving and was counted out.

Winner: Terrorhurtz

Hard Vs Velocirippa[]

Immediatly, Velocirippa got the first flip on Hard but the Belgian robot self-righted doing a sommersault. Velocirippa chased Hard around the arena trying to flip it and shoved it into the hammer of doom where it was hit. Hard fought back flipping Velocirippa away but Velocirippa just landed back on its wheels. Velocirippa activated the pit and Hard stopped dead, Velocirippa, preceeded to batter Hard until it fell down the pit.

Winner: Velocirippa

Terrorhurtz (2) Vs Velocirippa[]

Terrorhurtz pinning Velocirippa in the corner

Both robots tried getting their weapons on each other but missed a few times to begin with before Velocirippa managed to flip Terrorhurtz. Terrorhurtz self-righted and carried on, and sank its axe blade into the fibreglass shell of the dinosaur-like robot. Terrorhurtz tried to drag Velocirippa, but it struggled and Velocirippa broke free before recieving more blows from the second seed and getting chased around the arena by it. Terrorhurtz in one move managed to flip Velocirippa over and pin it in the corner where it struggled to get away from there. Velocirippa was counted out and Terrorhurtz won the fight

Winner: Terrorhurtz

Hard Vs Knightmare[]

Heat A Winner: Terrorhurtz

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