Heat D of The 2006 UK Championships was the 4th heat of the 2006 UK Championships held at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering on the 23rd-27th August 2006. It was the 4th heat to determine which robot would be the 4th to go through to the finals later on in the week. The battles of the heat were fought on the 23rd August 2006.


The Following 3 competitors fought in the heat.

NOTE : Forgone Conclusion was meant to fight in this heat, but couldn't make it.

Image Name
Steel Sandwich
Tiberius 4
Tough as nails
Tough As Nails (Seeded 5th)


Tiberius 4 Vs Steel SandwichEdit

Both robots were off as activate was called, but Tiberius 4 was the more quicker and immediatly punctured the top of Steel Sandwich before carrrying it to the pit release button. After activating the pit, Tiberius 4, carried Steel Sandwich towards the pit but dropped it. Tiberius 4 then maneuvered around the side of Steel Sandwich and disposed of it down the pit.

Winner: Tiberius 4

Tiberius 4 Vs Tough As Nails (5)Edit

Both robots circled around each other trying to bring their weapons into play, Tough As Nails tried to grab Tiberius 4 but missed and was grabbed by the opposition who shoved the Dutch robot into the pit. Tough As Nails, tried desperatly to get out the pit but had a little bit of trouble. Eventually, Tough As Nails scrambled out, carried on and grabbed hold of the back of Tiberius 4. Tough As Nails tried to drag Tiberius 4, but had problems and scuttled sideways across the arena floor with Tiberius 4 who managed to break free. Next both robots charged at each other head-on and brought their crushers in on each other, and both robots had a push and shove match. Eventually, Tough As Nails got Tiberius 4 down the pit and was stuck on it, but had won the fight as Tiberius 4 had gone down the pit first.

Winner: Tough As Nails

Tough As Nails (5) Vs Steel SandwichEdit

Tough As Nails was off, but Steel Sandwich didn't moving at all. This left the fight an easy one for Tough As Nails, who grabbed hold of the middleweight robot, activated the pit and shoved it in it.

Winner: Tough As Nails

Heat D Winner: Tough As Nails

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