Heat F of The 2006 UK Championships was the 6th heat of the 2006 UK Championships held at Wicksteed Theme Park, Kettering on the 23rd-27th August 2006. It was the 6th heat to determine which robot would be the 6th to go through to the finals later on in the week. The battles of the heat were fought on the 24th August 2006.


The following 3 competitors where the ones who fought it out in the heat to try and win points to go through to the finals

NOTE : Corkscrew was meant to take part in this heat, but pulled out as it suffered from driving difficulties.

Image Name
UFO (Seeded 10th)


UFO (10) Vs PulveriZerEdit

PulveriZer got its disc up to speed and hit the side of UFO, the seeded robot retaliated by flipping it over, but Pulverizer was unharmed as it was Invertable. PulveriZer came back in on UFO a lot hitting it a lot with its disc flipping it up a lot and ripping off some chunks of armour. UFO struggled to get any flips on on the Dutch opposition and the fight eventually went to a judges decision which went in favour of PulveriZer.

Winner: PulveriZer

Twister Vs PulveriZerEdit

Both robots got their weapons up to speed and came in circling each other before Twister came in and struck the side of PulveriZer removing a wheel. This attack was enough to immobilise PulveriZer and it was out.

Winner: Twister

UFO (10) Vs TwisterEdit

Twister got its weapon up to speed as activate was called and went in on UFO. Twister didn't seem to cause any damage, it kept striking the sides of UFO and only caused scratches. The pit was activated by UFO and the Dutch robot accidentally drove into it.

Winner: UFO

Heat F Winner: PulveriZer

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