The finals of The 2006 UK Championships was the knockout stage for all 12 heat winners in the tournament held at Wicksteed Park, Kettering on the 23rd-27th August. The 12 robots all fought it out to determine who the 2006 UK Champion was. The finals were held with the Round 1 and Quarter-Final battles being held on 26th August and the SemI-Finals and Grand-Final were held on the 27th August on the last day.


The 12 robots were those who had won their heat and fought in the finals to become the 2006 UK Champion.

Image Name
8465T (Seeded 4th)
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Behemoth (Seeded 3rd)
Big Nipper
Big Nipper (Seeded 7th)
Merlin (Seeded 6th)
Mighty Mouse
Ripper (Seeded 11th)
Scorpion (Seeded 12th)
Storm 2
Storm 2 (Seeded 8th)
Terrorhurtz (Seeded 2nd)
Tough as nails
Tough As Nails (Seeded 5th)

Round 1Edit

Terrorhurtz (2) Vs Storm 2 (8)Edit

For this battle, Storm 2 had been fitted with a rubber-mounted slab of Titanium to absorb the shock of Terrorhurtzs axe blows. This proved very successful as Terrorhurtz got a lot of blows in on the 8th seed to start off with, but none seemed to do a lot of harm. Storm 2 shoved Terrorhurtz all over the arena and Terrorhurtz kept axing at the opposition but either failed to cause serious damage or missed it target due to the speed of the Storm 2. Eventually, Storm 2 pinned Terrorhurtz in the corner of the arena where it got its axe stuck in the arena wall. Terrorhurtz tried to free itself, but it was no use and was counted out.

Winner: Storm 2

Turbulence Vs Tough As Nails (5)Edit

Both robots were off as soon as activate was called, Turbulence tried to flip Tough As Nails, but attacked too early and Tough As Nails grabbed Turbulences open flipper and had a short tussle with it but the newcomer broke free. Turbulence chased Tough As Nails around the arena before flipping the Dutch robot against the arena wall followed by another flip which sent it out the arena.

Winner: Turbulence

Merlin (6) Vs PulveriZerEdit

PulveriZer got its disc up to speed and hit Merlin twice with its disc, but the 6th seed retaliated and flipped it away. PulveriZer struck Merlins shell again, but didn't cause any damage. Merlin pinned and tried desperatly to get PulveriZer out the arena, but the Dutch robot kept coming back at it. Merlin then pinned PulveriZer against another part of the wall but again failed to flip it out the arena. Merlin chased PulveriZer around the arena and at the same time, the Dutch robot got its disc back up to speed. Merlin eventually caught up with it trying to get it out the arena again but failed yet again, Merlin then made a move to activate the pit as PulveriZer was on top of it, but it got away and carried on. Merlin eventually started slowing down showing signs of losing power and was elliminated.

Winner: PulveriZer

8645T (4) Vs Mighty MouseEdit

Both robots were off, Mighty Mouse got the first hit on 8645T which didn't do any bother. 8645T then retaliated by flipping Mighty Mouse up in the air, but the little robot just landed back on its wheels. 8645T chased Mighty Mouse around the arena and flipped it again twice. Mighty Mouse who was running around the arena, hit the pit release button and got chased by Beast even more. 8645T got another flip on Mighty Mouse spinning it in the air and nearly getting it out the arena. After 8645T chased and flipped Mighty Mouse again, Mighty Mouse this time got stuck on its side and was unable to self right resulting in immobilisation.

Winner: 8645T

Ripper (11) Vs Behemoth (3)Edit

Behemoth got a flip round the side of Ripper to start off with, but wasn't fully under meaning Ripper didn't go over. Ripper retaliated by getting under the front of Behemoth, flipping it head-over heels into an arena corner before flipping Team Makerobotics robot out the arena.

Winner: Ripper

Big Nipper (7) Vs Scorpion (12)Edit

For this battle, the team for Big Nipper had replaced the jaws with a Titanium scoop for fending off Scorpions blows. Scorpion got its disc up to speed hitting the arena walls and coming into contact with Big Nippers scoop, causing showers of sparks to fly everywhere. Big Nipper then managed to turn Scorpion over, whos disc tore chunks out of the floor in the process. Scorpion retaliating hitting Big Nippers titanium armour a few times, but this didn't cause any harm to the 7th seed. Scorpions disc stopped spinning and it then seemed to have traction problems on one wheel meaning it got immobilised for more than 30 seconds.

Winner: Big Nipper


8465T (4) Vs Storm 2 (8)Edit

As soon as activate was called, Storm 2 bumped 8645T flipping it up a little before pinning it in the corner in attempts to flip it over. 8645T fought its way clear but got shoved around the arena a lot and banged into the arena walls. Storm 2 flipped 8645T against the arena wall, but it self righted only to be pursued around the arena a lot more. Eventually, Storm 2 flipped 8645T over again but this time it couldn't self-right due to the arena wall being in the way, it ran out of gas for its flipper as well and was counted out.

Winner: Storm 2

Big Nipper (7) Vs PulveriZerEdit

Again for this battle, Big Nipper had been fitted with its scoop to fend off blows from PulveriZers disc. It started off chasing the Dutch robot around the arena and knocking it away after it struck it in the scoop. PulveriZer hit Big Nipper a few more times but didn't make any damage to it. Big Nipper then maneuvered PulveriZer into the corner and flipped it on its side where it couldn't self-right.

Winner: Big Nipper

Turbulence Vs Ripper (11)Edit

Ripper tried to get a flip on Turbulence, but missed and flipped itself over, this allowed Turbulence to take advantage of this. Turbulence flipped Ripper around 3 times before managing to flip the resident robot out of the arena.

Winner: Turbulence

Loser's MeleeEdit

8645T (4) Vs PulveriZer Vs Ripper (11)Edit

PulveriZer got its disc up to speed before getting flipped by Ripper who also got flipped by 8645T. Ripper then managed to turn 8645T over in the corner in an attempt to flip it out the arena, but the robot from Lichfield managed to Self-right. 8645T retaliated by flipping Ripper who stopped moving momentarilly, only to get itself going againn by flipping. PulveriZer came in striking the sides of Ripper & 8645T, but the two just fought back against the Dutch machine, 8645T at one point nearly got PulveriZer out the arena. Ripper then in a missed attempt flip on PulveriZer lost a pin for its scoop causing it to flap around, rendering Rippers weapon useless. Ripper tried moving but seemed to have traction problems while the other two robots where fighting and it poorly defended itself against them. 8645T then seemed to lose drive on one wheel and was also in peril while PulveriZer was still fully mobile. 8645T did manage to flip PulveriZer more, but this didn't harm the Dutch robot. Ironically, PulveriZer lost drive on one side as well, but it was the last one to be immobilised out of the lot and survived.

Winner: PulveriZer


Storm 2 (8) Vs PulveriZerEdit

Both robots were off and Storm 2 drove down the arena at full throttle missing PulveriZer who got its disc up to speed. Storm 2 pulled out the corner and took blows from the Dutch robots disc causing sparks to fly but it didn't cause any real damage. Storm 2 circled around PulveriZer, chased it and bumped it around the arena before flipping it against the arena wall. Here, PulveriZer got its disc up to speed and Storm 2 stood off waiting a few seconds for the disc to spin up to speed before charging into the disc at full throttle causing a shower of sparks to fly and it then rammed it into the arena wall. PulveriZer got away but was chased and was still unable to inflict massive damage to Storm 2. Storm 2 then managed to flip PulveriZer over again against the arena wall where it couldn't get down and was immobilised.

Winner: Storm 2

Turbulence Vs Big Nipper (7)Edit

As activate was called, both robots circled around each other trying to get under one another. Turbulence got 4 flips on Big Nipper when it was near the arena wall to try and get it out, but it fell back on its wheels in the arena again in all the attempts. Big Nipper fought back lifting Turbulence off the ground, but Turbulence flipped itself off. After self-righting, Turbulence got Big Nipper near the arena wall again and this time flipped it out the arena and was through to the final.

Winner: Turbulence

3rd Place Play-OffEdit

PulveriZer Vs Big Nipper (7)Edit

This was the second time in the competition that these two robots had fought, and yet again Big Nipper's lifter had been fitted with the titanium scoop. PulveriZer momentarilly had problems getting its disc to spin, but it did only to be chased around by the 7th seed. PulveriZer hit Big Nipper a few times with the disc but didn't get through its armour and it got pinned in the corner of the arena. After bashing Big Nipper more, PulveriZer activated the pit release but got pinned in the other corner of the arena by Big Nipper. PulveriZer tried to fight its way clear, but Big Nipper kept coming at it keeping it in the corner. It eventually got out, but Big Nipper pushed the Dutch robot into another corner in an attempt to get it out the arena but it couldn't. However, PulveriZer lost some maneuverability, but got going again after being pursued around the arena a lot more. PulveriZer hit Big Nipper a few more times, but still couldn't get through its armour. In the last, 10 seconds, Big Nipper lined PulveriZer up to get it in the pit, but it kept getting away and the fight ended with a judges decision. The judge decided that Big Nipper was the more controlled and it won taking 3rd place.

Winner: Big Nipper


Storm 2 (8) Vs TurbulenceEdit

The final began with both robots circling around each other, Turbulence tried to flip Storm 2, but it wasn't fully underneath it so it didn't turn it over. Storm 2 circled around Turbulence looking for an area to get underneath before Turbulence got another flip on the 8th seed which this time flipped it over. From this position, Storm 2 was powerless as it kept riding over the top of Turbulence and it was chased around the arena by the newcomer. Turbulence tried to flip it again but it got itself stuck on the wall where it immediatly got off. Storm 2 activated the pit before getting flipped against the arena wall where it couldn't get back down. Turbulence stood off for a few seconds before attempting to flip it out the arena but it accidentally knocked it off. Turbulence immediatly flipped it against the arena wall again but the fight was stopped as Storm 2 had been immobilised for 30 seconds.

2006 UK Champion : Turbulence

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