The 2006 Winter Tour was the 3rd year running for the Winter Tour event hosted by Roaming Robots, it came to some of the same venues as the previous year only that there were a few minor changes to it which was there were 3 qualifier shows instead of 4 and that it was also the first Winter Tour that feautured a house robot. The house robot was unamed at the first qualifier show but Roaming Robots did a naming competition for it and it was named to Gripper after an audience vote. The 3 qualifier shows were at Doncaster, Portsmouth & Birmingham and the finals yet again were at Folkestone. Behemoth won the heavyweight competition whilst Stiff Breeze managed to defend the title and win the Featherweight championship after winning it the previous year.

Competing RobotsEdit

These are the robots that participated in the tournament

The CompetitionEdit

All battles are as remembered, winners names are in bold

Round 1 : Doncaster Edit

  • Big Nipper Vs Dantomkia
  • Turbulence Vs Mighty Mouse
  • Beast Vs Iron-Awe 3
  • Knightmare Vs TillyEwe 2
  • Behemoth Vs Ka-Pow!
  • Kan-Opener Vs Velocirippa
  • Merlin Vs UFO

Round 2 : Portsmouth Edit

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Turbulence
  • Hades Vs Merlin
  • TillyEwe 2 Vs UFO
  • Knightmare Vs Storm 2
  • Behemoth Vs Kan-Opener

Round 3 : Birmingham Edit

  • EdgeHog Vs Iron-Awe 3

The Finals : Folkestone Edit

Round 1

  • Terrorhurtz Vs Turbulence
  • Beast Vs Behemoth
  • Merlin Vs Knightmare
  • Storm 2 Vs Tiberius 4
  • Iron-Awe 3 Vs Kan-Opener
  • Kronic Vs Ripper, NOTE : This was Kronics last time it was seen at a Roaming Robots event


  • Iron-Awe 3 Vs Turbulence
  • Behemoth Vs Storm 2
  • Merlin Vs Ripper

Loser's Melee

  • Ripper Vs Storm 2 Vs Turbulence


  • Iron-Awe 3 Vs Merlin
  • Behemoth Vs Storm 2

3rd-Place Play-Off

  • Merlin Vs Storm 2

3rd-Place Winner : Merlin


  • Behemoth Vs Iron-Awe 3
2006 Winter Tour Heavyweight Champion : Behemoth
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Behemoth, 2006 Winter Tour Champion

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