The 2008 UK Heavyweight Championships was the 3rd biggest event to be held outside Robot Wars and also the 5th UK Championships for Heavyweights since Robot Wars. It was held at RAF Fairford and due to be held within the Royal International Air Tatoo (AKA RIAT) but because the air show got cancelled due to bad weather, the only audience the show got were from roboteers, army cadets and first aiders within the RAF base. There was due to be 10 heats each with 2 robots and a seed competing throughout the Friday but with the whole tournament being sqaushed into one day instead of two, it had to be qualifiers and then the tournament. The competition was well fought for and was won by Iron-Awe 5.

Robots CompetingEdit

Below is the list of robots that competed in the tournament

The Seeds Edit

The Competition had 10 seeds, all in the place they finished at in the 2007 UK Championships at Hafan Y Mor Holliday Park the previous year.

  1. Big Nipper
  2. Terrorhurtz
  3. Iron-Awe 5
  4. Dantomkia
  5. Beast
  6. Apocalypse
  7. Ripper Evo
  8. Tiberius 4
  9. Kan-Opener
  10. Envy

The Competition Edit

Due to many robots having to pull out or not being able to make it, the round 1 pods were cut down to qualifier battles for the tournament. Top seed Big Nipper, bronze-medalist from the previous year Iron-Awe 5, Leveller 2 Mk4, Velocirippa and newcomer Hortron had automatic qualification into the tournament, as for the others, they fought in qualifiers to join Big Nipper, Iron-Awe 5, Leveller 2 Mk4, Velocirippa & Hortron.

The Qualifier Battles

  • Mighty Mouse Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Beast Vs Iron-Awe 6
  • Apocalypse Vs Hydra
  • Ripper Evo Vs TillyEwe 2
  • And His Army Vs Tiberius 4
  • Edge Hog Vs Kan-Opener
  • Envy Vs Storm Force
  • Dantomkia Vs Tanto
  • Obsidian Vs St Hammer
  • Spike Vs Tilly Evo
  • The Saint Vs Thor

Round 1

  • Envy Vs Tiberius 4
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Terrorhurtz
  • Hortron Vs Kan-Opener
  • Big Nipper Vs Leveller 2 Mk4
  • Obsidian Vs Ripper Evo
  • Apocalypse Vs Tilly Evo
  • Beast Vs Velocirippa
  • Dantomkia Vs Thor


  • Apocalypse Vs Ripper Evo
  • Beast Vs Dantomkia
  • Hortron Vs Iron-Awe 5
  • Big Nipper Vs Tiberius 4


  • Dantomkia Vs Ripper Evo
  • Big Nipper Vs Iron-Awe 5

3rd-Place Play-Off

  • Big Nipper Vs Ripper Evo

3rd-Place Winners : Big Nipper


  • Dantomkia Vs Iron-Awe 5
2008 Heavyweight UK Champion : Iron-Awe 5
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Iron-Awe 5, 2008 UK Heavyweight Champion

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