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2010 Heavyweight UK Championships was the 7th UK Championship for Heavyweight robots outside of Robot Wars that was hosted by Roaming Robots alongside with the other company Robots Live! It is very like the 2009 UK Championships the previous year only that there� is a number of differences involved in it, the competition is also the first to have another robot event organiser assisting Roaming Robots with it.


The competition is going to work in the same format as the 2009 UK Championships only that 27 places were available for grabs when signing up was taking place. Unfortunatly Terrorhurtz and Barbaric Response who reached the top 4 in 2009 never signed up. The shows each have 9� qualifier battles each have� 2 robots with a seed� and the point scoring works like this.

  • 5 Points - 1st Place
  • 3 Points - 2nd Place
  • 0 Points - 3rd Place

If one robot couldn't make the fight then they would get 0 points and the other 2 would get the respected 5 and 3 points,� or if 2 in one battle couldn't make it, the one robot that could make it remained as the winner.� Other respected robot event company Robots Live! have also agreed to help Roaming Robots with the show, the top 10 robots at the end of the year will go through to the finals at Maidstone and fight it out in a knockout to determine who will be the 2010 UK Champion.


These are the robots participating in 2010's UK Championships.


The seeds are based in the same place as they came in last year

  1. Maelstrom
  2. Big Nipper
  3. Ripper Evo
  4. Meggamouse
  5. And His Army
  6. Tilly Evo
  7. Iron-Awe 5
  8. Thor
  9. Beast

Round 1� : BarnsleyEdit

Winners name is in Bold

  • Beast Vs St Hammer
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Dantomkia
  • Tilly Evo Vs Tiberius 4� Vs Merlin
  • Cabrakan 2 Vs Meggamouse
  • Apocalypse Vs Hydra Vs Ripper Evo
  • Anger Vs Big Nipper Vs Scorpion
  • Maelstrom Vs Tanto

Round 2 : Whitwick (RL)Edit

  • Maelstrom Vs White Knight
  • Big Nipper Vs St Hammer
  • Anger Vs Ripper Evo Vs Tanto
  • Meggamouse Vs Hydra
  • And His Army Vs Apocalypse
  • Cabrakan 2 Vs Tilly Evo Vs Weird mAlice
  • Puck Vs Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tiberius 4
  • Merlin Vs Thor
  • Beast Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Pressure

Round 3 : NottinghamEdit

  • Beast Vs Dantomkia
  • Cabrakan 2 Vs Thor Vs Tiberius 4
  • Iron-Awe 6 Vs Maelstrom
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Weird mAlice
  • And His Army Vs Hydra
  • Ripper Evo Vs Stinger

Round 4 : Burgess-Hill (RL)Edit

  • Maelstrom Vs Dantomkia Vs Cabrakan 2
  • Ripper Evo Vs White Knight Vs Merlin
  • Meggamouse Vs Stinger Vs Pressure
  • Toon Raider Vs Anger
  • Tilly Evo Vs Hydra Vs St Hammer
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Tanto
  • Thor Vs Weird mAlice Vs Scorpion

Round 5 : BrentwoodEdit

  • Dantomkia Vs Big Nipper
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Hydra
  • Toon Raider Vs Stinger
  • Beast Vs Weird mAlice Vs Tanto
  • Tilly Evo Vs Pressure
  • Tiberius 4 Vs Scorpion
  • Ripper Evo Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Cabrakan 2

Round 6 : Norwich (RL)Edit

  • Maelstrom Vs St Hammer
  • Ripper Evo Vs Scorpion
  • Meggamouse Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Apocalypse
  • Toon Raider Vs Cabrakan 2
  • Tilly Evo Vs Stinger
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Merlin
  • Thor Vs Pressure

Round 7 : GuildfordEdit

  • Iron-Awe 6 Vs Scorpion Vs Toon Raider
  • Beast Vs Hydra
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Stinger
  • Apocalypse Vs Tilly Evo
  • St Hammer vs Thor vs Weird Malice

Semi-Finals : PortsmouthEdit

Main Article : The 2010 UK Heavyweight Championships: Semi-Finals Semi-Finals

  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Toon Raider
  • Ripper Evo Vs Big Nipper
  • Iron-Awe 6 Vs Meggamouse
  • Thor Vs Tilly Evo

NOTE : Beast and Maelstrom didn't fight the weekend due to one of the teams having other commitments so this fight had been delayed and won't happen until Maidstone.

Loser's Melee

  • Toon Raider Vs Big Nipper Vs Iron-Awe 6 Vs Thor

Grand-Final : MaidstoneEdit

Extra QualifierEdit

  • Beast Vs Maelstrom


  • Tilly Evo Vs Iron-Awe 6
  • Meggamouse Vs Iron-Awe 5
  • Ripper Evo Vs Maelstrom

Loser's MeleeEdit

  • Tilly Evo Vs Meggamouse Vs Ripper Evo


  • Iron-Awe 6 Vs Ripper Evo
  • Iron-Awe 5 Vs Maelstrom


  • Iron-Awe 6 Vs Maelstrom

3rd Place Winner : Iron-Awe 6

L 4bb710274a0a5dc7f7bfe1a580c47363

Iron Awe 5, 2010 uk champion


  • Ripper Evo Vs Iron-Awe 5

UK Champion 2010 : Iron-Awe 5

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