Heat F of the 2011 UK Championships was the sixth heat of the 2011 UK Championships held from the 23rd-24th April at the Premiere Piazza space at the O2 Arena in London. The 4 competing robots fought out in one 4 way battle. The winner would go through, and the robot that came second would go to the losers melee. The heat was held on the 24th April.

Competing RobotsEdit

Image Name
Tilly Evo
Tilly XP
Tilly XP (Seeded Sixth)

The FightEdit

The battle started with Bullfrog Breed immediatly flipping Tilly XP over where the wild-card seed had problems self-righting. Bullfrog Breed then flipped itself over but was flipped back on its wheels by Tilly Evo. Bullfrog Breed and Tilly Evo then attacked Disc-Truction! flipping it all over the place, but it didn't harm the joint project between Team Shock and Team Blitz. Meanwhile after showing no responses, Tilly XP was clutched by Major Damage who dropped it out the arena. Throughout the rest of the fight, Bullfrog Breed and Tilly Evo attacked each other. After the pit was then released, Bullfrog Breed made an attempt to put Disc-Truction! down it, but drove in itself followed by Disc-Truction! leaving Tilly Evo the winner.

Heat F Winner : Tilly Evo