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The 2012 Winter Tour was the first Winter Tour competition held by Roaming Robots since 2008. However, it has a completely different format, similar to that of the main championships at that time, with heats. The heats were held on the 7th of October in Maidstone and after the finals on the 11th of November in Gloucester, it was concluded that the winner is Ripper, much like the 2008 winter tour.

Competing Robots[]

These are the 17 robots that signed up for the event, as well as the 4 who were featured in whiteboard battles.


There are 5 heats of 3 robots (where they fight in a melee) and one heat of 2 robots (where they fight one-on-one). Winners go to the final in Gloucester.

Heat A[]

  • Tough as Nails vs Ripper vs Rattler (Note: Rattler was experiencing technical issues and could not compete)

Heat B[]

  • Dantomkia vs Eruption vs Puck

Heat C[]

  • Maelstrom vs Storm II

Heat D[]

  • Gravity 5.2 vs Weird mAlice vs Meggamouse

Heat E[]

  • Titan vs Behemoth vs Tomohawk

Heat F[]

  • Bullfrog vs The Saint vs Toon Raider


Three one-on-one battles will commence. The winner will go to the grand final while the loser fights in a loser's melee to determine the last grand finalist.


  • Eruption vs Meggamouse
  • Titan vs Ripper
  • The Saint vs Maelstrom

 Loser's Melee[]

  • Titan vs Meggamouse vs The Saint


  • Eruption vs Maelstrom
  • Ripper vs Meggamouse

3rd-Place Play-off[]

  • Maelstrom v Meggamouse

Grand Final[]

  • Ripper vs Eruption

2012 Winter Tour Champion: Ripper