The Saint
The saint
Participation Information
Other Names St.Hammer
Team Information
Team Bad Bolts
Team Members Craig Colliass and Zack Colliass
Other Entries Gabriel
Robot Statistics
Weight 100 KG
Top Speed 12mph
Power 2 x 24v Bosch motors running on 750 watts.
Weapons Sword, Hammer or axe

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

 The saint is a green axlebot which uniquely has a sword. The Saint appears almost all the time in live events as well as Ripper, Thor and Weird mAlice. It has a feather-weight called Gabriel which has sometimes been used in Heavy-weight battles.

Roaming Robots

The Saint was designed to be hard to beat as it is too big for vertical crushers, tricky to flip effectively, hard to axe and the rounded design gives it some resistance to spinners. However its weapon is very weak at damaging other robots and can sometimes get trapped by the arena wall.

It was built in 2008 as the successor to the teams previous Saint robot which was built in 2007. Saint is well known for having an ability to climb out of the pit (with the help of pit size or pit operators). Its weapon is a type that works on torque-reaction so that every time it moves, it makes the weapons move. Saint has been a crowd favourite in many of the live events and has mainly won its battles on crowd votes, but it has won the Team Championships 2012 as a member of Team Saints and Sinners and also won the Most Entertaining Robot Award in 2009.


  • Fighting Robots UK Championships 2009 Finalist
  • Roaming Robots - Most Entertaining Award Winner 2009
  • Robots Live! - 3rd in Team Championships 2011 with Team Saints & Sinners
  • Robots: Extreme Wars Live! - Maidstone 2011 Runner-up
  • Robots Live! - Team Champions 2012 with Team Saints & Sinners<
  • Robots: Extreme Wars Live! - Winter Tour 2012 Finalist
  • Robot Wars Championships 2013 Quarter-Finalist
  • Robot Wars Winter Tour 2013 Quarter-Finalist
  • Fighting Robots Tag Team Champions 2014 with Behemoth


  • The Saint is the only robot to ever use a sword as a weapon.
  • He is one of the rare robots, without a flipper, that can get out of the pit.

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