Participation Information
Team Information
Team Tornado
Team Members Andrew Marchant and David Gamble
Robot Statistics
Weight 100Kg
Dimensions 0.25m x 0.85m x 0.75m
Top Speed 10mph
Power 2 x 750 watt Bosch motors powering its 4-wheel drive which give it power of 36v.
Weapons Mainly a scoop but it does have interchangeable such as 15kg 2000rpm spinning disc, Ramming spike, Anti-crusher frame with Spinning bar, Electric lifter, Mini-wedges and Chain flail.

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

 Tornado is a box shaped with a durable red welded-steel frame and clear poly carbonate armour with fixed spikes at the front and back. It was champion of the sixth wars of the TV series.tornado is unique with its interchangable weaponry. Tornado since Robot Wars rarely uses it's blade and now uses its scoop as a weapon. 

Robot warsEdit

After Robot warsEdit


  • Robot Wars - UK Series 4 Semi-Finalist (2000)
  • Robot Wars - UK Series 4, Winner of Best Promising Newcomer Award (2000)
  • Robot Wars Extreme 1 - Challenge Belt Winner (2001)
  • Robot Wars Extreme 1 - All-Stars Tournament Runner-Up (2001)
  • Robot Wars Second World Championships Runners-Up (2001)
  • Robot Wars - USA International Champion (2002)
  • Robot Wars - UK Series 6 Champion (2002)
  • Robot Wars Extreme 2 - Challenge Belt Winner (2002)
  • Robot Wars European Champion 2002
  • Robot Wars - 3rd in UK Series 7 (2003)
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