Trolley Rage
Participation Information
Years Active 2016
Other Names Trolley Rage 2
Team Information
Team The Greenwich Greats
Team Members Professor Simeon Keates

Dr Raj Bhatti
Gareth Anstee

Other Entries Dystopia
Robot Statistics
Weight 108kg
Top Speed 6mph
Power Two 21v lithium ion batteries
Weapons Bladed axe

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Trolley Rage is a robot which competed in the live events and then in Series 9 of Robot Wars, entered by the University of Greenwich under a budget of £500. The team consists of two senior managers from the university's engineering faculty, one of their sons, and Gareth Anstee, builder of Dystopia and driver of the robot.

Robot History

Maidstone 2016

Trolley Rage vs Stinger vs Meggamouse

Trolley Rage immobile

Ahead of its televised appearance, the original Trolley Rage entered the Maidstone leg of the Robot Wars tour in 2016. Although it lacked its axe, and only fought one battle against Stinger and Meggamouse. Trolley Rage entered the arena with its weapon down, immediately it was flipped by Meggamouse but able to roll over back onto its wheels. Trolley Rage drove backwards and rammed Stinger before turning away, however Trolley Rage had moments of pausing leaving it inactive for some periods of time. Trolley Rage is soon chased by Meggamouse who flips it against the arena wall, Trolley Rage tries to get away but Meggamouse pursues and chucks Trolley Rage across the arena. After a bombardment of flipping Trolley Rage moves sluggishly and only spins on the spot, while the other two fight on. After managing to get itself to the centre of the arena, Trolley Rage is flipped once more by Meggamouse, this time on its back unable to self right. After this battle valuable experience was gained, and improvements were made to Trolley Rage 2 after the event.


  • Wins: 0
  • Losses: 1
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