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Weird mAlice
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Participation Information
Team Information
Team Weird Alice
Team Members Ian Humphrey, Sarah Humphrey, Mark Carndruff, Steve Catchpole
Other Entries Dinah
Robot Statistics
Weight 100Kg
Top Speed 12mph
Power 2 x Electric motors running on 800 watts powering its 4-wheel drive. One for each side.
Weapons Flipper

Robot statistics correct as of its most recent appearance on the show

Weird mAlice is a green and black box chassis shaped robot armed with a flipping arm. Originally called Weird Alice and armed with a pneumatic spike, it failed to qualify for theseventh series of Robot Wars before being completely rebuilt as a cuboid robot similar to the modern machine. Wird mAlice is a common entrant in the UK live events, although it rarely sees much success.

The team have also entered a feather-weight called Dinah.

2006 UK Heavyweight Championships[]

Weird Alice's first event as Weird mAlice was the 2006 UK Heavyweight Championships, where it fought in Heat K, losing overall to Big Nipper.

Televised Events[]

Weird Alice

The team attempted to qualify for the forth wars of Robot Wars. The original Weird Alice was an invertible, triangular wedge shaped robot armed with a CO2 powered spike.However before their qualifier battle could begin they suffered radio reception issues that meant they had to pull out and ended up failing to qualify for the wars.


  • Robots Live! - Burgess-Hill 2010 Winner
  • Robots Live! - Team Champions 2010 with Team Tilly All-Stars
  • Robots Live! - Team Championships 2011 Runners-up with Team Tilly All-Stars
  • Robot Wars - Guildford 2013 Finalist


  • The feather-weight is called Dinah, this was the name of the pet cat from Alice's adventures in Wonderland. Weird mAlice could also refer to the story with the Alice part.
  • Their Website:
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